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  • Rose Water Toner

    Finally a product that puts an end to the controversial toner epidemic, "To tone or not to tone". I formulate all of Body of Zen's toners/after shave products with four simple ingredients: hydrosals, aloe vera, colloidal silver, and alcohol free witch hazel. This combination allows for the product to give you all of the benefits of a  toner like; balancing PH levels, minimizing the appearance of pores, removing excess dirt or make-up, and reducing acne without drying out your complexion- due to the alcohol free witch hazel. But now you are also reaping the amazing benefits of collaidal silver and aloe vera while getting your senses stimulated by the lovely natural scents of the hydrosols!

    So why colloidal silver? Because it has the ability to heal skin cells without damaging any other soft tissue. Proven to sooth inflammed skin, and has amazing anti-bacterial and fungus properties which help control acne and other infections or viruses.

    INGREDIENTS: Rose hydrosol, aloe vera, colloidal silver, and alcohol free witch hazel

    DIRECTIONS: After cleasing, spray onto a cotton ball or pad and gently dab or whipe across face, neck, and chest. Also, great for spraying on face after the gym or on a camping trip when you can't wash your face right away.
    To learn more about the controversy about using toners, who should use them and when, please continue reading.
     "Are toners necessary in your skin care regimen?" Ah... the million dollar question that has been getting contradicting responses from professionals all over the world. Let me start with why using toners are good for you. They can:
    1. Help minimize the appearance of pores
    2. Restore the skin's PH levels
    3. Refresh skin
    4. Add a layer of protection by tightening cell gaps after cleansing
    5. Remove access dirt and make-up that you could have missed from cleansing
    6. Reduce ingrown hairs
    That all sounds great, so why the controversy? Well, most toners contain alcohol and this strips the neccisary layer of oil ontop of your skin which can cause havock in itself, making your cells to produce more oil which can lead to breakouts not to mention pre-mature aging due to excess drying.
    Speaking of excess drying, if you haven't crossed over to dry oil cleansing (check out Body of Zen's Cleansing Oil) then you are most likely still using facial cleansers that are stripping the natural oils and causing an inbalance in your skin's PH levels. If this is the case, then yes. Please use a toner.
    Because I do dry oil cleanse, I use this toner durring these moments:
    1. After I used a facial treatment that has disrupted my skin's PH levels, like after using a mask
    2. When I can't wash my face after a workout or a long hike
    3. Coming home from a night of getting all dolled up and have excess makeup on
    4. Spot treatment on my noise if I notice blackheads trying to creep through or when my hormonal acne starts to flair up around my jaw line
    Bottom line, toners are great and serve a purpose, but it is knowing when to use them and which companies to buy from. Stay away from alcohol based products, try to switch to dry cleansing, and let your natural beauty shine through more often.
    Much love.
    Rachel Sahlberg