Body of Zen All Natural Hand Made Skin and Hair Care Products For Women and Men


Every day, we make choices about what we put in and on our bodies.  This can  be anything from the apple we eat at breakfast to the anti-aging serum we apply to our face before bed.  These choices define the difference between merely surviving and thriving in our lives.

One way to be our best selves in this life is through the use of whole plant, which allows our bodies to extract maximum benefit.  We do this in many ways already: eating the skin and flesh of many fruits and vegetables, preparing food in ways that retain natural vitamins and minerals, limiting our dependence on meat and meat products.

Another amazing way to reap the benefits of the whole plant is through our skin.  Our bodies absorb up to 60 % of what we put on it; this includes the lotions, serums, and makeup we use in a daily basis.  This is why all Body of Zen products are formulated with cold-pressed, unrefined oils.  Cold-pressed oils retain the highest nutritional content (e.g., antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals), in turn, giving you the best benefit for your skin and body.  

Take the example of an apple.  We eat the skin and flesh because they taste good and are good for us.  Generally, we throw the core, including the seeds..  However, the seed holds all things that make the apple tree the apple tree.  All of the apple’s best attributes-- the flesh and skin, the leaves, the trunk-- are stored in the tiny seed.  It is through the extraction of oil from these seeds that we can reclaim those benefits.

This is why the Body of Zen motto, “As within, so-without” is so important.  One core belief is that when natural, healthy things (like cold-pressed, unrefined face and body oils) go on the skin, the whole body reaps the benefit.  Finally, a skin care line for you that is in balance with both your values and your body.

Much Love-

Rachel Sahlberg